Sunday, 23 August 2015

If You Love Your Nails Rush to a Nail Art Shop

For girls nail plays an important role. They spend a lot of money, time and effort to maintain them. Nail filing, brushing colors, adding gloss and a lot more things are involved to maintain the nails. With the advent of nail art, girls are going crazy. They are blending different styles, designs and colors to the nail to ensure that the nails look perfect. 

Few interesting DIY nail designs

Dotting your nails- Add pop color to the base. Now take a bob pin and take another nail polish that is opposite to the base color and you are done. 

Graffiti- The look combines street style with glam. You can add a dark base coat such as black, blue or brown and then add light swipes of silver or gold paint. Ensure you do not put pressure while swiping the metallic color. 

Beautiful patterns- Cut any pattern in the tape or you can use a patterned scissor to cut the tape and bring out beautiful patterns. Attach the tape to the nail and paint easily. You can add two colors or leave half of the nail blank. 

Toothbrush designs- Nail paint with toothbrush can be unique. First, add pink or red color as a base coat. Pick a plate and put green, yellow, blue and other such colors. Take a brush, dab it on the paint and lightly press it on the nails for an amazing design. Let it dry and you are there with a perfect design. 

Nail art are getting fashionable and if you cannot try these DIY by yourself, then rush to a mall. You can easily find nail shops in Los Angeles. The professionals can add amazing designs. You can choose your design or see their creativity on your nails. Do forget to file your nails beautifully to ensure that your nails look more beautiful.

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