Saturday, 21 November 2015

Why shopping in a mall is better than shopping online

Shopping is complete fun but after the advent of online shopping, most of the people feel reluctant to leave their home and go to a mall to buy clothes, accessories, etc. They love to sit at home and buy anything they like just browsing few products. However, going to a mall and buying products have its own charm.

Checking the fabric

You can buy anything online, but you can never check the fabric before it comes in your hand. When you go to a mall, you can check the fabric, the quality of the product and then buy the product easily.

Color comparison

Most of the times, the pictures available of the clothes, etc in the online portals are brighter or lighter, however, when you go to a mall and pick the fabric in your  hand, you can judge the color against light and ensure that you have chosen the right product.

Trying it out

Measurements have always disappointed people while online shopping. You cannot try the clothes on and thus they may not fit you properly. You can always pick the clothes easily and try them on before buying.

Latest collection

Top 10 shopping center in CA has the best collection of clothes which you might not find in the online portals. You can even find fresh arrival collections while shopping in the mall.

Finding collectibles

You can find interesting collectibles while strolling in a mall. Slauson swap meet store is the best place where you can find different collectibles so that you can enjoy the best collection of products. You can pick few things whatever suits you the best.

Meet people

When you are inside a mall, you can find friends, meet people, take people’s opinion, enjoy food at restaurant and enjoy your day, while when you are shopping online you do not get a chance to meet any person. 

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