Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Shoes Are Friends When They Offer Style And Comfort

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Are you out for shopping shoes from shopping mall in California? You may land yourself in trouble and discomfort if you are in habit of considering only fashion in your head while you select shoes for yourself. This is more common with females in comparison to males. While this post agrees with you that you need to look good every time but who told you that comfort and style cannot survive together? Sometimes there are small problems in shoes that make them abandoned by you but these hacks will make your shoes the most comfortable.

1) Rains see more and more people coming out in crocs and flip-flops. These two types of footwear offer the maximum comfort in the rainy season. But what would you do with flip flops that have the uncomfortable rubber. Cover the straps in fabric as they rub off the rubber and look extra stylish.

2) High heels are many times painful. You can use medical tape on your third and fourth toe together to relieve strain on nerve between third and fourth toe. Ever wondered that the heels that you bought from ladies footwear stores can be worn without pain in ball of your foot.

3) Say good bye to worn down heels. Instant heel caps are available that fix your worn down heels and you stay miles away from rolled ankles.

4) Green tea is good for your toes too. Not only skin and weight management but green tea is effective hack for your foot problems too. Unpleasant odors can make people run away from you. Simply slip used green tea bag inside your shoes to fight away the odors that give tough time to both your toes and nose.

5) Lesser height more relief. Heels are the first choice of majority of ladies. The extra height strains your backbone; every heel can be shortened by professionals to an inch without ruining the structure of shoe.

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