Wednesday, 26 July 2017

5 Fashion Trends That Are Making The Town Go Crazy

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The experiment in fashion industry is never a bad choice. A calculated move can make your style fad of the year. It is 2017 and decades have unfolded various ‘Oomph and Boo’ trends. There is no space to go wrong now. If you are falling behind in the race of fashion then check out the Top 10 shopping center in CA.

Crazy experiments that is taking the crowd by a blow :

1. Metallic Nails

The time of french manicured and clean nails have surpassed their time in fashion and to bring about the change, market is flooding with options for metallic and powdered nail paints on long manicured nails. If you haven’t tried it yet then go to a nail shop to try them out.

2. Glass glossy Lips

Yes, it is weird to imagine but girls are slaying it at any party you may go. To excel it, you must have right skills and products to make it look just perfect on your lips.

3. Braids and Tales

You can make a classic braid go fancy with ribbons, make the tiara braid for your gown or dutch braid for your party night. There are ample of creative designs to keep your life always new.

4. Pop of Color Hairstyle

Red, Pink, Purple, Blue, Gray and more. You name it and salons are doing it for you. It is time to experiment with your hair. Eternal Sunshine Of Spotless Mind gave Clementine to Kate Winslet who gracefully gave the blue texture a new wow definition. It is your time now.

5. Wedding of Make Up and Brushes

Do you have any reason for not being updated on make up brushes? Even if you have the best palette of powders and shades; you need to have right brushes to apply them evenly onto your lovely skin. Whether it is the silicon sponges or circular base brushes, amateurs and professionals are loving it.

Buy your missing product now from the closest and trendiest shopping center near you. Let no amount of time go in vain!

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