Friday, 11 August 2017

Top Sparkling Reasons To Wear Jewelry

Every woman (except the exceptions) seems to be keen in investing their time, efforts and of course money in getting those sparkly stones and metals. The jewelry box of a woman always enjoys additions from the prestigious jewelry store in Los Angeles. From necklace to bracelets, studs and hand rings they have multiple options to carry in diamond, gold, silver and more. Now they do it one at a time and they are free to carry all of them at once. This is highly the matter of choice an individual but of course the occasion does matter.
You all know that ladies love jewelry. Buying and owning them is the biggest perk of being a girl. They get it gifted, they buy it for themselves, and at times they exchange it with their friends and moms. But why? Why do you think people indulge in buying and owning jewelry? You must know that it does not have its roots in recent times but it is age’s old trend. Isn’t it interesting to dig deep into history and understand what lies there for the keen interest for jewelry love?


After meeting the basic needs, the higher needs raise their heads in every individual. In earlier times, jewelry could not be afforded by anyone and everyone. From decades back only rich people can afford it. This used to help them establish their power and supremacy over others. Though the scenario has completely changed since then but the difference in buying power still remains there. One flaunts his status with the help of jewelry in different forms.


Living organisms,including humans, have natural tendency to attract the opposite gender. For example peacocks have beautiful colors in their feathers. Similarly women and even men wear jewelry to raise their sex appeal and look attractive. You may get surprised to know that certain pieces of jewelry draw attention of the opposite gender mates to particular body parts of yours.

Like, necklace draws attention towards the breasts and earrings take the eyes to the erogenous region of your ears. 

There are other reasons to wear jewelry like to express yourself and to drive positive energy from them.

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