Thursday, 9 February 2017

3 Best Nail Arts Tips For Girls With Short Nails

Many women prefer keeping their nail short due to various reasons such as cleanliness, work, safety, etc. Most of them think that nail art is something that’s meant for long nails only, which is not at all true. Yes, you read that right. Even if your nails are not long, it is possible to make them stylish with some of the very designs. Thanks to design available for short nails, you can let your looks define your true fashionista side. However, the first thing to follow is maintaining the nails.

Check out some of the very best tips that you need to consider before getting the art done:

1. Shape: To make your short nails impressive, go for designs that have oval or round inkling patterns. This is because it will make your fingers as well as nails look feminine, longer and delicate. Make sure not going for boxy designs, as they will cut the nails off further.

2. Accessories: Talking about long nails, they can be accessorised very well owing to their length. However, short nails need a careful approach when it comes to accessories. Hence, go for only one accessory and that a short one. This is because big accessory will give a disproportionate look, making the nails look even smaller.

   3. Color: This is the best thing with short nails, as a variety of colours can be explored on them. Natural shades look great and make the fingers appear longer. On the other hand, dark shades also look classy and give the extra edge. However, avoid white colour, as it gets dirty and make the fingers look stubbier.

Get the best and catchy designs from the professional nail art experts of nail shop in Los Angeles. Explore the wide variety of colours and designs before getting the art done. Once you are sure about the look, get it done and let your nails do the talking. 

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