Monday, 13 February 2017

Let Your Jewelry Reflect Your Style On Every Occasion

Jewelry is one of the best ways to enhance one’s personality and make a unique style statement. Whether it’s an evening wear or a formal look, the right jewelry gives the confidence to dress up for every purpose and completes you. There are times when one is unsure of how to pair the jewelry with the outfit. In such situations, it is advised to start with the occasion one is dressing for, as it will help in matching the right thing for the occasion.

1. A formal meeting

When going for a business meeting, there’s no need to go for loud dressing and heavy jewelry. Instead, it is good to wear something understated like a single string of pearls wit earring studs or a solitaire. To complete the formal, classy and elegant look, nothing else could be better than this.

2. Evening Party

For casual evening parties, jewelry that expresses liveliness is the best. Consider going for intricately designed precious metal jewelry or a layered chain or a necklace with large embedded gemstones in a single tone. Avoid being overboard and focus on single accessory.

3. Casual Outing with Friends

When going out with friends, make sure your jewelry accentuates the outfit. If you are wearing plain colored clothes, prefer chunky jewelry. On the other hand, if wearing busy prints opt for plain jewelry blends. Remember emphasizing on one accessory.

4. A Formal Function

You need to look classy when going to attend a wedding, formal function or anniversary. To compliment that ethnic wear, make sure to go for antique jewelry. If planning to blend two fashion lines, contrast the jewelry with the dominant line.

Whether you are heading for a birthday, get-together or any other event, jewelry not only makes you look presentable but also makes the occasion memorable. Check out the latest collection at jewelry store in Los Angeles and buy the one that suits you taste and of course the occasion. 

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