Wednesday, 29 March 2017

How To Find Perfect Jewel For Gifting It To Her

Jewelry gift given to any woman makes her feel special and appreciated. It constantly reminds her of your affection and fills her with happiness. And this is supposedly the purpose of gifting, to make someone feel happy. Jewelry enhances a woman’s beauty and makes enticing gifts from time immemorial. Are you anxious about visiting the famous jewelry store in Los Angeles? Most of the men find it challenging to get the right thing. Wishing to have the right formula to gift jewel to her?

Follow the post to find the cool tips to pick jewelry for her like a champ.
 1.Look out for the type and colors of stones she has in her collection. Possibly this is what her taste and preference is.

2. Does she prefer wearing gold or silver? If she has more of gold she does not like silver.

3. Have you noticed the size of jewel pieces she wears predominantly? Usually women prefer smaller and understated pieces to office and keep the more pronounced pieces for parties and special occasions.

4.Try and notice size of her wrist and neck. If she is average sized, it will be easier for you. But if she has large wrists, you might have to speak with the jeweler to modify the size if possible.

5. Make a notice of her clothing too so that you can get her jewelry that she can easily coordinate with her clothing.

6.Also observe the colors which are her favorite for again coordination.

7.You may get help of her friend to know what she has currently purchased or been gifted so that you don’t repeat.

8.If you really want to go out of the way to express your feelings for her, you can go for the limited edition jewelry. She is going to love it.
Last but not the least; it is okay to take risks as at the end of the day she will appreciate your efforts even if you go a bit wrong. You always have the chance to correct your mistake buddy and she will not mind that for sure. 

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